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July 11, 2013

AryaMost recent addition to the Game of Thrones ladies fabric illustration series. Sansa is next!

“All men must die, but we are not men.”



July 8, 2013


Birthday present for my boyfriend. Also, if you haven’t heard that bees are in danger, look it up, it’s bad. Save the bees!

Quick Water Color Projects

July 3, 2013

Two small pieces I did recently: a college graduation card for a friend and a superhero self portrait inspired by this image I saw on tumblr. I thought Fire Streak was a pretty cool name, considering my hair. And I haven’t been working in water color as much lately, since my fabric illustrations are very time-consuming.

gradcard-a gradcard-bFire-Streak Fire Streak came out looking a bit evil, actually… perhaps she’s a villain instead? Ha.

New Fabric Illustrations

June 5, 2013

These are some newer pieces I’ve been working on, in an attempt to use up fabric scraps from past sewing projects, as well as use typography and embroidery. They’ve been posted on my Illustration and Graphic Design pages, but I thought I’d showcase them in a post.

Subject matter was inspired by, respectively: Laura Marling, my favorite musician; feminism; a self portrait; and Ygritte and Brienne from the A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones series. I’d like to do a set of Game of Thrones ladies in this medium. Arya is next, but I’m planning out Sansa and Daenerys for the future.

Christmas Projects

January 6, 2013

I’m proud to say I made most of my Christmas gifts myself this year. I recently started working part time at a fabric and craft store to fill the hours between freelance projects, and being around all the craft supplies has inspired me for more project ideas. I’ll describe what I made and have a gallery of images below.

First off, I designed the family Christmas card again this year, using pictures from my brother’s wedding (see this post).

For Mom, I finished and printed a doodle comic I made earlier this year about when her cat got out and as lost for a couple days. This cat has an anxiety disorder (no, I’m not joking), and we were worried about her. Here’s the PDF for you to read: AnxietyCat. I might write more of these. I don’t know if other people will find them funny if they don’t know my cats, but my family thinks they’re hilarious.

Dad was the only person I didn’t make anything for, but I got him a shirt from Great Lakes Brewing Company because craft beer is the only beer anyone should ever drink. Ever.

For my brother, his wife, my sister, and my boyfriend, I made flannel pajama pants. I picked a different print for each of them according to their interests (at work I always see fabric and think That one is perfect for so-and-so!). My sister also got a neck support pillow covered in fabric, since she’s been going on a lot of bus trips with her band and choir groups. I also did a painting for my boyfriend of a Markhor wearing a top hot and a monocle (it makes him fancy).

Lastly, I made a pillow for my boyfriend’s parents with a cute wine print fabric, since they’re wine lovers. I haven’t given it to them yet, so if they happen to see this post… uh, SURPRISE!

I also made a pair of pajama pants for myself from Brave and My Little Pony licensed fleece. No one will ever have cooler pajama pants.

Happy New Year!

Buy my art online

December 6, 2012

Recently I started a Society 6 account and have made several of my pieces available as prints, as well as t-shirts and other awesome stuff. Shop here!

Also, I finally made my thesis book, Grave or Strange or Beautiful Things, available to buy through Blurb. Buy here!

Great last minute Holiday gifts! Wink, wink.

Available on the Society 6 page is my newest piece, an Art Nouveau – style fanart of Princess Merida from Brave. I leave you with that as I return to making Christmas gifts for people!


PS: Stephen and I also started an animal sketch blog on Tumblr. We (try to) post a black and white sketch of an interesting animal every weekday, and a colored drawing every weekend.


November 1, 2012

While most of my work is drawing and 2-D design, I do occasionally like to sew and experiment with crafts. Also, Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I usually try to make my costume if I have time. This year I wanted to go all out and make a real project out of it. I really enjoyed Pixar’s movie this summer, Brave. Mostly because the main character was a princess, but a strong and independent one. And she looked like me.

Duh, she’s awesome.

So, while I’ve sewn before (I went through the anime nerd, convention-goer, cosplaying phase in high school, so I’ve done some simple costumes), I’ve never really made a real dress. So I decided to try working with a pattern and modifying it.

When I told my boyfriend I was going as Merida, I joked that he could go as a bear or something. He said, “What if instead of just a bear, I go as Mor’Du?” (The antagonist bear from the movie) He made a mask and ears and modified a hoodie and it turned out really cool.

We tried to get some kind of party together for Halloween to show them off, but because of Hurricane Sandy, we couldn’t get organized. But we had a good time watching movies with a few friends, eating candy, and taking silly pictures with my webcam.

So here are some progress shots and the two of us in costume:

We’re so proud of our work that we want to find a convention or some other event so we can wear them and show them off. Hopefully we can also get some higher quality photos taken. I’ll be sure to share them if it happens.